The American Society of Podiatric Medicine - an APMA Clinical Education Affiliate


The American Society of Podiatric Medicine has a series of major objectives that includes:

  • An opportunity for Podiatrists to further their knowledge through the latest scientific developments in the Podiatric Medicine Field.
  • Promoting the highest standards of the Podiatric Medicine field
  • Sponsoring and promoting outstanding postgraduate courses at accredited hospitals or colleges of Podiatric Medicine who request this type of assistance
  • Providing to its members an exchange of Podiatric Medical ideas and techniques for dissemination to the profession at large.
  • Striving for technical and theraputic advancements within the scope of Podiatric Medicine licensure for prevention and alleviation of pain and suffering.


Over the years, its standards have remained high with a series of outstanding scientific programs and post doctoral seminars that have attracted Podiatrists from coast to coast.  The Society welcomes new members of the Podiatric profession who have a sincere desire to advance and make a contribution to the profession.

The American Society of podiatric medicine is one of the oldest podiatric societies in the country